What States Have A Sick Leave Mandate?

Sick leave is when a worker is allowed to stay at home in order to address his or her health condition, some employers offer paid sick leave. Paid sick leave is when a worker can stay at home addressing health issues without losing their pay. Some employers allow this paid sick leave time to be used by their employees to care for their sick family, or to attend doctor checkups and appointments. This is mostly common with government employed; some in the private sector has no paid sick leave as well as low wage and those in the food services and hotel sectors. This is why some states are considering legislation of the sick leave mandate, which mandates each employer to offer their employees some paid sick days.


Advantages of a paid sick leave

This is because when employees report to work sick, there is a great possibility that the illness will spread to the other workers and customers. This will reduce the performance of the firm as a whole, this reduces the productivity of workers. More than 145 countries offer paid sick leave, most providing a week or more as sick leave each year. A sick leave can be one of the best ways to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, flus can spread very fast in the work places. If one employee is infected, they can infect the others and even the customers within a day. Also in food services and in hotels, such contagious diseases can spread very fast.



There are several states which have passed this law on sick leave mandate, and all the workers are hoping that it spreads to all the other states. With New Jersey being the latest to join these states, some have this law for quite some time now. With some cities such as San Francisco passing these laws as early as 2006 and were implemented in 2007.


More states and cities are passing the law

New York also joined these states as they mandated employers to provide paid sick leave, they have joined other cities like Portland, Ore, Seattle (this law went into effect on first September 2012). Others like Washington passed it in 2008, more states like California, Connecticut and Oregon have these laws in operation. But this does not come without criticism from the employers, they claim that this may be misused by the employees. They claim that they might use this sick leave mandate as a vacation, thus unnecessarily reducing the firms’ productivity.


But the states claim that it is necessary, because one should not lose their job just because they were sick and could not report to work. With surveys showing that either an individual, family member, colleague or friend have lost their jobs because of illness. Other employers claim that, they had been giving paid sick leave to their employees in order to lure the best workers to their firms. But after having a sick leave, you must provide a doctor’s note in order to verify you were sick.

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