Eulogy Paranoia, There’s An Easier Way To Write That Funeral Speech

By the time the designated speaker is approached to write a loved ones eulogy, that person has passed and the potential author is drowning in grief. This leads to over prepared book reports or worse, no preparation. Frozen at the idea of the funeral speech, you try the speak from the heart method with no guidance, in front of a crowd of sorrowful acquaintances.

In this emotional time, look to examples for direction. Eulogy templates, eulogy examples, and funeral speeches can all be found online. Writing a funeral speech is not easy, and being emotionally charged makes it all the more difficult. Death is not a comfortable topic to discus in general, please take comfort in the tools that are provided to assist you.


You have been chosen to honor the memory of someone close to you, trusted by dear friends and family members to complete the task. Speak the simple truth that you all have come to know about this person. What were their good qualities and characteristics? What did people seem to love most about them? How did you form a bond great enough to be writing a funeral speech? Do you have a touching story to share? What will you miss most about your loved one?

Asking questions is the first step to outlining the eulogy, but don’t feel obligated to list off every question you have thought up. Keep it brief. Often times people crate a mental block when it comes to public speaking. Even those who feel confident doing it in daily life may choke with grief when the time comes to deliver a eulogy. If the thought of delivering a funeral speech causes you any paranoia, the best way to deal with it is to use eulogy templates to outline your own funeral speech. Keep it short and write it down. This way if there is a minute of panic, you can look down at your writing and feel confident. Everything you need to make it through this difficult moment is right in front of you.

It’s very important that you know how to write a eulogy because your audience might have experienced hearing one in the past. They know how a eulogy should flow and it will catch their attention when it’s properly delivered. Though grieving, if you have written a copy of your eulogy, you will not fall into forgetting what to say.

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