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Good Habits

Adapting skills, learning new thimgs, improving your health and increasing brain productivity can be found here in the next video

What Doctors Notes Tell An Employer

In the majority of the workplaces, it is a standing protocol that all employees bring with them a doctor’s note in the event that they were not on duty because of any health reasons. This has been put into place to make sure that only the sick employee or only those that make an effort […]

What States Have A Sick Leave Mandate?

Sick leave is when a worker is allowed to stay at home in order to address his or her health condition, some employers offer paid sick leave. Paid sick leave is when a worker can stay at home addressing health issues without losing their pay. Some employers allow this paid sick leave time to be […]

Knowing When to See a Specialist

Diseases are a common thing in our daily life, some are more serious than others. Due to economic factors, most people do not usually visit doctors or specialist as often as they are supposed to. This is because most of the either under insured or totally uninsured, sometimes health insurance is quite expensive. Most people […]

Knowing When To See The Doctor

From the nature that our bodies are prone to diseases from time to time, we should make a point of seeing a doctor regularly so that we can be updated on our health conditions. We may also need to see the doctor on an emergency bases even without an appointment. This is especially so in […]

What Dr. Excuse Will Satisfy My Boss?

Since most of the employers require their employees to present a medical note on the occasion that they did not come to work for medical reasons. The employees on their part have devised means to cope with this requirement, when they require to be out of work and they will not be visiting a medical […]

Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is a beautiful process that should be handled with love and care, here are 10 tips to safely go through your pregnancy

Sleeping Time

Sleeping is an essential part of your health. We a have different preference of the amount of sleep depending on our physiology. But rather than shooting in the dark about how long you should get some sleep, watch the video for more details.